b. 1989

Radhinal Indra is a graphic designer who has worked at the firms LeBoye and Visous Studio. He has participated in exhibitions at Suar Artspace (Jakarta, 2015), RUCI Gallery (Jakarta, 2014), and Galeri Soemardja (Bandung, 2012). Indra’s solo exhibition “Sandang-Pangan-Papan, Sayang” was held at Galeri Gerilya, Bandung. He currently works at Naga Studio in Bandung as a project manager. Indra’s profession as a graphic designer demands finding solutions in presenting information in an organized and practical visual manner. This attitude has informed his artistic concepts in his forays into fine art.

Indra is fascinated with celestial bodies’ varied and lasting significance in the human imagination. Each work in the On Being; Moon series is concerned with different aspects of humanity’s relationship with the moon in science, mythology, language, and popular culture.The second work in the series, On Being #2: Round, Cyclic, and Blood explores how the order and regularity of the moon’s form and movement as circle and cycle is the source of its association with human biology, timekeeping, and language.

The twelve panels are arranged in a circle like that of twelve numbers on a large clock face, a reference to the moon’s purpose as a timekeeping device in the lunar calendar. The circular formation encourages the eye to move clockwise. This, along with the gradually shifting sizes of and shadows on the moons give a sense of movement, of a cycle in the work. The red dots and drips that change along with the moons is a visual expression of the Indonesian euphemism datang bulan (the coming of the moon) – based on the traditional belief that the female menstrual cycle is synchronized with the lunar cycle.

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