ADI DHARMA: Organised Konfusion 1

ADI DHARMA: Organised Konfusion 1


Organised Konfusion 1

  1. Ø 120 cm.

Acrylic on canvas.

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ADI DHARMA or STEREOFLOW started his career as a street artist who involved in many scenes in the local hip-hop. This connects and becomes essential when Adi’s visual works always considered as an attempt to visualize sound. To be specific, visualizing the sound of 80’s hip-hop music is the foundation of his concept, and that also answer why his choice of colors are dominated by neon colors most of the time.

In this latest work of him, Adi plays with textures. As he always relates his works to his background, this work will gives you the street vibes – the place where he grew and developed. That is a true indication that Adi, as an artist, never forgets his roots and origins.


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