ARGYA DHYAKSA: Found Subject 3

ARGYA DHYAKSA: Found Subject 3


Found Subject #13

145 cm x 80 cm

Acrylic on canvas


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ARGYA DHYAKSA or simply known with a nickname, Gya, is oftenly identified as a weird artist, of course, not in a negative sense. That is in relation to his ability to always think differently from the other fellow artists. The common and popular slogan that is widely used as a parameter of different thinking in the world of design and art is always “Thinking out of the box”, but, Gya, he’s the one who thinks of “There is no box”.

In his work, he portrays how his generation thinks, acts, and responds to almost, say,  everything in everyday life. It may seem unfamiliar to those who don’t understand, but it becomes something attractive to those who are able to understand the context – perhaps even find it hillarious. It is not easy to interpret Gya’s work for those who do not understand the context, it must be admitted. However, it is exactly at this point that he shows his strength that he really understands the way his generation thinks that many fr9m the previous generations may find difficulties in understanding the present generation. In short, if you want to understand the generation, takes the time to appreciate Gya’s works.


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