A solo exhibition by Triyadi Guntur Wiratmo

The environment in which the artists live harbors the potential of creativity and act as a spring for inspiration. Each will have a subject of interest keen for further exploration whether it is to criticize existing social norms, or to investigate their place in the context of their landscape.

In his newest series, Guntur’s current work will use the concept of monodualism. Monodualism is a concept used to unite two contrasting entities into one harmonious piece. The two entities opposing each other, not to be put head to head, but to be united.

This concept becomes a work platform in a series of artworks. Two conflicting elements which are dissolved makes a whole new interpretation.

Therefore the exhibition comes to symbolize symmetry: different parts make a whole new one.

An Adventure in Monodualism open for public Saturday, 30 November 2019. Starting 4 PM – 8 PM.

The exhibition runs until 15 December 2019.

Open daily Monday – Sunday from 10 AM – 8 PM.


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PROGRAM: Triyadi Guntur Wiratmo’s Solo Exhibition

DATE: 30.11.19 – 15.12.19

VENUE: Ruang Dua Sembilan

ADDRESS: Jl. Mandala Utara No. 29A . Jakarta 11440

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