b/ West Java, Indonesia, 1991

Argya Dhyaksa is a ceramic artist. His ceramic work appears as a configuration of his ‘spamming’ philosophy, those seemingly random. He is known for his playful, whimsical yet cynical artworks. He creates object based around the ideas of creating objects out of forms with the raw, unpolished and surreal finish. He rejects the process of illuminating artworks, which always starts from contemplation and conceptual considerations. In his process of conveying meanings through the medium, he resists the use of any ‘measures’ in the making of ceramics. In working with his ceramics, he usually gives an addition of banal writings on the objects structurally modified, compromised, spoofed and give new meaning or sometimes have no meaning at all.

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Curatorial | glazed ceramics on wood panel | 135 x 80 cm | 2019
Motion graphic | diameter 78 cm | 2019
Oil on Canvas | Glazed Ceramics | 38 x 45 x 98 | Glazed Ceramics | 2019
Analog Photography | Glazed Ceramics & stainless Steels | 45 x 45 x 205 | 2019

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