There are maybe some, not many, married couple who are able to work actively and showcase their work together like these artists. In a case like this, people would usually be more interested in trying to find similarities, instead of trying to find the contrasting elements between their works. Surely, both of them are indeed different. On the one hand, Windi’s work has a mimetic quality, and on the other hand, Agung’s work is more abstract. They both consciously strive to work together with different mediums, and different ways of saying things. Any similarities are arbitrary to their artistic process. Such is life, nothing is ever set in stone, no matter how much we try to control it. Every events or occurrences in life, always have its own meanings, its own depth and dimensions, even way more than our own limited conceptions about it. If we could understand paintings as an event, then we could unfold more meanings produced by it.

If we look closely to the body of works that Agung and Windi has produced, we could see an ‘encounter’ of the passion generated by two different artistic approach. Both Windi’s and Agung’s paintings show almost the same tendency to treat the field of canvas that they’re working on, as layers of intense lights; both also tend to display spaces, which looks almost empty, to give more strength and depth. Windi and Agung also have a penchant for making color and appearance that tends to be thin and gradative (both achieved through brush strokes as well as the emphasis of hatching lines). The ‘encounter’ then ended, because Windi then makes a representational form as a statement, through the construction of shaded abstract lines that are of a nature; while Agung cultivates fields of form until it becomes ‘Amorphous form’ (amorphous form).

The works of Windi and Agung articulate the meaning of painting, giving its field and space more strength; as a mystery of illusion, as well as a mystery of perception; here, the matter of painting is about [model] projection. Windi and Agung, did enjoy the way they create the depth of space: Windi explaining it through the power of objects and gestural effects, whereas Agung explained it through the game of distance and layer effects. Both show the painting case as a deep charismatic projection of the power of light. The projection is not only about connection, but also about interaction of two things, about what is in the inside (feelings) and on the outside (wimba, the visible form): Windi, through the shading lines of the gestural state of the white field and bright field (shading), while Agung regulates the appearance of ‘Dark’ layers through the way he made the tones of color (toning). Both of them could agree to reach their differences through their ways of expressing (projecting) their opinions each within the broad boundaries of the charisma of light.

According to curator Rizki Zaelani, paintings of Windi Apriani and Agung Fitriana show an example of how inequality is actually present in a closely connected relation. In these two types of paintings, I found dimensional effects of motion present in both of them in a way that is not the same. Both types of motion seemed to be integrated into one, because both understand the role of light charisma in each field Canvas—Windi makes it, in a more monochromatic color while Agung makes it all colored with a white coat; it serves to restore the game of those colored fields back to the white field of the empty canvas. It seemed, the motion, without each of them realizing, moving in the inequalities in the way they work. Windi’s and Agung’s paintings are not just about their [feelings], but also about how we (witnessed) their feelings and feel it. Through this shared exhibition opportunities, they can actually reinforce the difference in their respective roles—each in the stages of becoming the (soul) of their self-being who ‘Creates’ and also created.

PROGRAM: Indonesian Young Artists: Agung Fitriana & Windi Apriani

DATE: 26.09.19 – 25.10.19

VENUE: Gallery scape+

ADDRESS: 272, Dongho-ro, Jung-gu, Welcomm City, Seoul, Korea

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