Jalur Rempah
KEDATUAN SRIWIJAYA: The Great Maritime Empire

“Jalur Rempah” (Trail of Spice) is the chosen theme of this exhibition. World history presents stories of cultural exchange and diplomatic missions through spice trading amongst nations. Today, the wider scope of international trade can still be seen to mirror similar purpose of cultural spread between participating countries.

The remnants of Kingdom of Sriwijaya stand as historical proof of spice trail around Nusantara; their displays enable viewers to view the spice trail factually. In complement of its historic representation, 11 national contemporary artists are invited to provide their interpretation of the event.

Such artistic facet confronts audiences to not only reflect and critique historical events, rather to also see their alternative and personalized interpretation through the eyes of contemporary artists. With that, comes the hope to solidify the artists’ individualities as well as enriching Indonesian historical dossier. That, and also raising the awareness to constantly refresh our ways of scrutinizing history.

This exhibition does not wish to revise, let alone, destroy existing historical constructs. It rather prospects to supplement the standing historic narratives that are well and truly understood today.

Participated artists:
• Gabriel Aries
• Jumaldi Alfi
• Michael Binuko
• Natasha Lubis
• Ninus Anusapati
• M. Reggie Aquara
• R. E Hartanto
• Rudy Dodo
• Sandy Karman
• Tandya Rachmat
• Zusfa Roihan

PROGRAM: Group Exhibition

DATE: 04.11.17 – 28.11.17

VENUE: Museum Nasional Indonesia

ADDRESS: Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No. 12. Jakarta 10110

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