b/ West Java, Indonesia, 1982

As one of promising male Indonesian artists, Octora’s art evolves from his on-going fascination the unstable ground between image, official history and collective memory in Indonesia. His multidisciplinary approach possibly stemmed from his earlier experience in combining his Fine Arts degree with Bachelor of Law, where he eventually decides to pursue his focus in visual arts. He has exhibited quite extensively in Indonesia and overseas, including joining artist residencies in Cemeti Art House (2009), Bamboo Curtain Studio (2010), and at ZKU (Zentrum fur Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin 2014). He recently completed his MA at Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University, Australia. Now he lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

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Post-Colonial Aphrodisiac | Delegated Performance - Installation | Dramaturgies: Octora & Andre Ong Carlesso | Approved Music by: “The Greys are Here”, Rocca Beats (Nederland) | 45 minutes | 2019
The restitution and the Recuperating | Digital Printing on Velvet | 200 x 140 cm | 2019
A New Man Emerge | Digital Printing on Velvet | 200 x 140 cm | 2019
Invisibleness of Visibility | Digital Printing on Velvet | 140 x 240 cm | 2019

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