b/ Central Java, Indonesia, 1974

Triyadi Guntur Wiratmo is an artist with a background in visual communication design (undergraduate) and a Masters in visual art. He studied both of these at FSRD-ITB. In addition to working as an artist, Guntur is also active as a researcher and graphic design consultant in the field of visual communication and visual culture. He has intensively explored history as one of the themes in his artwork. Peter Carey, the British historian expert on Diponegoro considers his drawing titled Mengungkap Kritik Tersembunyi Raden Saleh (Revealing the Hidden Criticism of Raden Salah) to be able to reveal the figure of Jan Baptist Cleerens in Penangkapan Diponegoro (The Arrest of Diponegoro) work by Raden Saleh, which until now has been hidden. In 2014, he received a grant from Stuned for a short study period at The Reinwardt Academy- Amsterdam School of The Arts (AHK). As an artist and a researcher, his artwork often “questions” the existing grand narrative.

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